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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Brooke's Crossing Subdivision water softener installation in Trussville

    We installed a SmartChoice Water Conditioner for a great family in Trussville's Brooke's Crossing neighborhood today. They were tired of cleaning out the hard water buildup and scale from the faucets and showerheads and concerned about the buildup in the pipes and water heater. Mr. J. had some previous experience with hard water so he knew a water softener was the solution. He choose a water ...
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  • Alkaline water purifier installed in Homewood today

    Today we installed a reverse osmosis drinking water system with an added alkaline filter that will raise the pH of the drinking water to 9+. Reverse osmosis drinking systems have been the recommended method to purify drinking water for decades. High pH bottled water has become popular in recent years. Aqua Systems is able to combine these two processes to give its customers the highest quality of ...
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  • Installation crews have been busy in new Stockton neighborhood in Trussville.

    Our installation crews have become very familiar with the new neighborhood in Trussville, Stockton. Stockton offers a beautiful swimming pool, clubhouse, and children's play area but like other Trussville residents, the water quality isn't as good as it could be. Water softeners are very popular to eliminate the water spots and soap buildup and help with the dry skin caused by hard water. We have ...
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  • Career military man comes home to hard water in Odenville, AL

    After a career in the military and raising a family in California, our new customers returned to build their retirement home in Odenville, AL. They had a water softener in California and knew wanted soft water in their new home. Mr. W. had purchased several water filters from the internet and big box retailers, but none of them gave him the results he was looking for. After requesting to have our ...
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  • Schools are Testing Their Drinking Water for Lead, Should You?

    Since 2010, there have been a reported 12 Alabama schools with drinking water containing more lead than federally allowed, according to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. While federal and state laws are not requiring that all school water systems be tested for lead, the Alabama State Department of Education has decided to test over 1,000 schools over the next 3 years, just to be ...
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  • Soft water and filtration installed today in Lincoln, AL

    Great installation in Lincoln today. Water softener, whole house water filter and a reverse osmosis drinking water system.
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  • Well water with high iron corrected today in Springville Alabama

    Our new customers in Springville, AL have a beautiful house with ugly water. They had already had a filtration system installed from another company but were not getting acceptable results after only a year of use. We were able to reuse the existing filter to work along with our SmartChoice iron filter. Our technician stopped by after 1 week to retest the well water and the results could not have ...
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